YOUR WAYS: Beyond My Understanding Part 1

YOUR WAYS: Beyond My Understanding Part 1

Beyond My Understanding

Part 1

Stories That Depict God’s Unsearchable Mercies and Grace

By Uyi Rawlings Aghedo


God wants to see us become the best He created us to be. He wants us to fulfill great destiny. He is not glorified when we fall or when we are down. He wants to see us up and flying. He has endowed us with so much potential that He does not want us to waste.
If we fall, He is more than willing to raise us up again. But we must help Him to raise us up by lifting up our hands from our fallen state so that He can see our willingness to get up on our feet once again and help us. Some man fall, and they give up; they become hopeless and dejected. Some are even condemned and written off by fellow wayfarers when they fall. These fellow wayfarers believe that it shouldn’t have been the lot of such a fellow of high repute or state to have fallen. And so they try to put the fellow in a coffin and nail it – thinking or concluding that the fellow is done for.
But God is a God of second chance. Scripture testifies, …He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second. (Hebrews 10: 9). It is absolutely true that He hates sin; but He loves everybody, including sinners and the fallen saints. His hands are wide open to receive the sinner that repents of their sin and comes to Him; and the righteous that falls, He is willing to receive back to Himself. And when He forgives, He forgives; He does not recall sin. He makes the sinner whole and pure, so pure that you will never see any of the former stains or dark spots on the fellow again.
So, if you have failed or fallen due to whatever reason(s), and whatever may be the nature of your fall, know that God is not delighted by your state; turn back to Him, pick up your broken pieces, put them together and be on your way to the top once again.
Yes, you can still get to the top; you can still fulfill divine purpose; you can still be great, irrespective of what anyone may think or say. You’re not a write-off yet, as long as you are still alive.
Get up and go.

About the Book

Pastor Joseph and Sister Bukky had been very faithful in their consecration and commitment to God right from their childhood. But, some unsavoury event played out in their lives, that eventually led to their fall. Their fall was great and loud, and the beginning of a series of events that later revealed the true identity of many of the people that surrounded them.
Their detractors were quick to move that they be coffined and put to permanent silence, while they (the detractors), taking advantage of their plight, busied themselves scheming to take over their place.
But, they were mistaken; they knew only little about the sovereign will of God, which is epitomized in His mercy.
The events that followed crescendo into unmasking God’s ultimate will for Pastor Joseph and Sister Bukky and the fall of their detractors.
And they lived happily ever after.
The story creates an image for the great truth that, ‘All things work together for good to them that love God.’

The Italos

The Italos


A novel on human trafficking by Uyi R. Aghedo

How a Nigerian girl’s quest for greener pastures in Italy turned into a nightmare that left her in pieces.

In the 80s and 90s in Nigeria, especially among my people, human trafficking or better put, women trafficking, was a very big and lucrative industry. Parents and family members were in the habit of raising money, even to the extent of selling family inheritances, to sponsor their daughters to Italy to make quick money. Some of these parents did not know that most of these girls were actually traveling to do prostitution. It got to a time that the illicit trade became so competitive that any family that does not have a daughter in Europe – Italy or Spain – will be seen as backward, because most of the women that started the movement came back rich in a very short time. Little did these parents know that in the long run, this illicit business was going to return undesired consequences.

In The Italos, Osazuwa, a young Nigerian girl, in her early twenties, was the eldest child in a family of six children. She grew up in a society where the norm was for every young woman to travel abroad to make quick money. After her secondary school education, only one course of life became appealing to her – to travel to Italy to make quick money as was prevalent in the society where she grew up. To sponsor the trip, her parents sold the most valuable property they had – a house inherited from her maternal grandfather..After about four years in Italy, having made so much money, particularly through prostitution, she decided to return to Nigeria to be married to her long-time boyfriend David. On arrival back in Nigeria, she discovered that her life had been shattered to pieces – pieces that could not be gathered to work together again. And that eventually led to her tragic end.

The scene of the story is pre-1999 Nigeria

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